Advice on how to painlessly write an Amazon PoA

If your Amazon account is suspended or blocked you will need to write a PoA (Plan of Action). In your PoA you will outline what you are doing to make sure you avoid the same mistakes in the future. But don’t worry, we will take you through how you can painlessly write your PoA.

Amazon has built a name for itself as a highly customer focused company. You are expected by Amazon to comply with their selling requirements. If you do not run your account to a high enough standard your Amazon account health can drop.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your Amazon account healthy click here.

A positive customer experience is Amazon’s key priority. This could be in relation to the authenticity of the product, returns processing or communicating with customers. Amazon can block or suspend your account if it isn’t up to scratch.

Account suspension: why does it happen?

  • Inadequate seller performance: this can happen if your account does not meet Amazon’s standards. Amazon could decide to do this if you have multiple issues with your Amazon account.
  • Code of behaviour violations or breaking Amazon’s sales policy: this is triggered if you have not followed Amazon’s rules and have illegally purchased product reviews for example.
  • Inadequate seller information: this could be due to missing or incorrect information.

You can check your account health by accessing your Account Health page on your Amazon Seller Central Account.

  • Blocked: you will lose your sales privileges and your communication channels will also be blocked. To contact Amazon you can via [email protected].
  • Suspension: sales which have not yet been paid out will be frozen for up to 90 days.

How can an Amazon PoA help me?

A well written PoA can lead to the re-opening of your Amazon account. It is best to view your PoA as an opportunity for you to show that you are a proactive and solution orientated seller. Scan through your PoA. Could someone reading it say you sound frustrated? Blaming Amazon or speaking in an annoyed tone damages your PoA.

Key advice when writing your PoA

  • Use bullet points to keep your PoA clear. This will make your PoA easier for Amazon’s staff to follow.
  • Attach the necessary documents and highlight product ASINs and important details.
  • Maintain a professional and respectful tone.
  • Be specific and provide examples of how you have implemented solutions. This should include the specific ASINs you are referring to.

Structuring your Amazon PoA to make writing it much easier

We stress the importance of the word brief. Each bullet point should be 1-2 sentences at most.

As each deactivation is different it is important to use this as a framework to jump from. If Amazon feel your POA is a copy of other plans they have seen it is likely they will view what you have said as inauthentic.


  • A short introduction to your company and the issue you have experienced.

1: What was the root cause which led to the issue?

  • What led to the issue? Shed light on why the issue has happened.
  • What have you put in place to solve the problem? – It is important to show you have already put things in place and are being proactive.

2: What actions will you take to resolve the issue?

  • Provide proof you have been proactive in resolving this issue and include the specific details of what you have done. Amazon will expect you to have already done these things.
  • How have your changes lead to a solution?

3: What steps will you take the prevent future issues?

  • Proof of the effectiveness of your POA
  • What have you learnt and how has it changed the way you operate?


  • Thank the Amazon staff member for taking the time to read your PoA.


In conclusion, you can send off your PoA using the link provided in your suspension email. It can take two days to a few weeks for Amazon to reply to your POA.

To help to prevent any suspensions in the future it is useful to identify any other potential reasons and address them by looking at your Account Health page.  

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