Easily apply for Amazon’s Dangerous Goods Programme

You are interested in an item which is Hazmat, you need to apply to Amazon’s Dangerous Goods Programme.

Amazon’s Dangerous Goods Programme

Why would I want to apply to the Amazon Dangerous Goods programme?

Dangerous goods are items which Amazon classes as hazmat. These are items which are substances or materials that may pose a risk during storing, handling, or transporting the item/s.

This can be due to the items being flammable, pressurised, corrosive, or harmful in some way. This also includes products such as laptops, smartphones, household cleaners, spray paint and cosmetics.

To sell these products you then need to apply to join the Amazon Dangerous Goods Programme.

We recommend providing any available dangerous goods information or documentation when you create your listing. This will help to reduce any delays in processing.

The process of applying for the Amazon Dangerous Goods programme.

If you go to the Help section on Amazon seller central and type in ‘safety data sheet’. You will then be given the option to search up a specific asin to see if it is included as a dangerous item.

Next if you click ‘upload and track the status of your safety data sheets (SDS) and exemption sheets.’

To access these files you simply need to choose the correct language and then press on the sheet you would like. You can chose either the exemption sheet for battery and battery powered products or the exemption sheet for products without harmful chemicals.

On clicking these links a PDF form will download.

The dangerous goods sheet – for items which may contain dangerous chemicals.

To complete this sheet, you first need to enter your first and last name.

Next, if you look at the first table on the sheet you will see different warning labels.

First table on the dangerous goods sheet for items which may contain dangerous chemicals.

Within the yes/no box you will then need to say whether this product warnings applies to the item you are looking to sell. For example, if the item is flammable you would choose the yes option for this section.

If any of your items do fall under the product warnings, you must then list the affected ASINS within the affected ASINS column on the document.

Continue this process for each of the asins you would like to apply for.

Once you have filled out this table you can then move to the second table where you provide more information about the individual products.

second table on the dangerous goods sheet for items which may contain dangerous chemicals.

Firstly you will need to add the product asin.

Once you have done that add the product title.

Following this you will need to choose either yes or no from the dropdown menu in relation to whether the item is or includes a magnet/s.

If the item is or includes a magnet you will then need to include the magnets pull force.

To find out the pull force of an item you can either contact your supplier or google a similar item and look at the pull force which is allowed to sell on Amazon.

Now, you will need to enter the full ingredients list for the product with percentages if available.

Finally, does your product contain compressed gas? With this option similarly to previously you will need to pick yes or no from the dropdown box.

Battery and battery-powered products sheet

Especially if you are starting out we would avoid selling items with batteries or which include batteries due to the extra work and complexities which Amazon require for these items.

We would advise waiting until you are comfortable with the FBA process before tackling these items.

Battery and battery-powered products sheet

If you do list electrical items or items which require batteries, we would suggest not including them to make the process of listing and selling items more straightforward for you. Buyers can then purchase batteries elsewhere when they would like to use the product.

Firstly, fill out your first and last name.

Then you will need to look at the declaration table.

To start out you first enter the product ASIN.

Next, add the product name.

The next column asks ‘are batteries sold with the product or is the product a battery?’ You can then use the dropdown box to choose either yes or no.

Does the item contain a battery?

  • If your product uses batteries, but you are not providing those batteries for the product you can say no.
  • Your item doesn’t contain batteries? You do not need to fill in the following boxes in the form.

If the item does contain a battery you will then need to complete the remaining columns. This includes choosing the correct chemical composition of the battery from the options provided.

  • You can get this information from your supplier.

Remember: A “cell” is a single electrical storage unit with one positive and one negative end. A “battery” is two or more cells that form a single component. For example, a TV remote will commonly use two AA cells installed in the back compartment. Cell count information for multi-cells batteries can often be found on the packaging of the battery or in the manufacturer’s technical information.

How is the battery packaged? You can choose the correct option from the dropdown menu.

What are the watt hours? Here you will need to enter the number of hours.

RememberWhen watt-hours is not printed, it can be calculated from the battery voltage (V) and amp-hour (Ah) rating, also commonly printed on the battery, the outer packaging, or in the manufacturer’s documentation. 

Spilliability – is the item spill-able or not?

Once you have completed your forms press ‘Save and Finish’.

Now you will be on the Amazon Seller Central Page. If you then press ‘upload documents’ on the right-hand side you will then see an ‘upload document’ pop-up window.

On the window you will need to specify the ASIN you are applying to gain access to via the dangerous goods programme.

When uploading your file ensure it is in a file format which Amazon will except.

Specify your language and press save.


Once you have pressed save Amazon will take 4 working days to determine if you have been accepted into the Amazon Dangerous Goods Programme. Depending on if your item contains chemicals or batteries Amazon may ask you to provide extra information.

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