How to get ungated in 9 simple steps

Want to learn more about ungating? We have broken down what ungating is and how you can do it!

What does the term ‘ungated’ mean?

Gated categories on Amazon are brands or categories which you are not automatically able to sell in. You therefore need to apply to sell these items.

Don’t forget! To ungate a category you will need to have an Amazon Seller Central Account.

Applying to become ungated

  1. First, find a product in the brand/category you want to get ungated in. It is important to purchase your products from an approved Amazon supplier. For example, Harrisons Direct.
  1. Secondly, check your ungating requirements on your Amazon Seller Central Account. It is important to make a note of these requirements.

Check: It is possible to get automatic approval by pressing request approval on some categories/brands.

Ungating requirements on the Amazon Seller Central Account

Want to learn more? Click here to watch our Youtube video on ungating.

Pro tip: carefully read the requirements in the ungating application.

  1. The next step is to match your product with a listing in the correct brand/category.
  2. Now you can order the requested amount of your item and wait for it to arrive.

Importantly, when ordering products use the same details as your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Breaking down Amazon’s requirements

  • Getting ungated in a category? It is important to take photos of all the sides of the product. This includes the makers address details.
  • What does the requirements ‘Show the combined purchase of at least 10 units’ mean? To clarify, if a product has a case size of 5 you would only need to buy 2 to equal 10.

You’ve received your products, what are the next steps?

  1. Now is the time to get the necessary documents and pictures and convert them into PDFs.
  2. On the wholesaler’s invoice you will need to write the ASIN of the item you are trying to ungate. We would suggest circling the case size and upload it as a PDF.

To make it easy for the Amazon Support Staff to process your application clearly highlight/circle the number of units and the ASIN you have purchased on the invoice.

Ensure you have the necessary documents.
  1. If you are getting ungated in a category; check you have the photos in as a PDF. This includes the CE Marking, the Model Number/ Product Name, the Manufacturer and all sides of the packaging.
  2. Enter your ASIN on your Amazon Seller Central account and request approval. Now, you can click the reseller option and add the correct files.
  3. Submission! This can take a varied amount of time depending on the time of year.

You’ve sent your application! Now what?

Either your application was successful, in which case congratulations! You can now sell in your chosen brand/category.

Has your application been rejected? Do not feel disheartened. You can compare your application to your item’s ungated requirements. This can help you to understand what you can do to fix your application ready for next time.

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