Packaging your Amazon FBA shipment

Making sure that your items are correctly and safely packaged is an important aspect of your Amazon FBA business. That’s why we have created this guide to help you when you are packaging your Amazon FBA shipments.

What do you need to package your Amazon FBA shipment?

  • The product/s
  • The barcode labels
  • The UPS labels
  • Polybags (if necessary)
  • A cardboard box/es
  • Tape, glue or staples depending on the shipment.

So you have organised your Amazon FBA shipment. The next step is to package your item so they can be sent into Amazon.

If you have an item which is part of a set; it is important it is correctly marked as a set on its packaging. It is also important that you state that the products are to be received as a set/single unit. For example, ‘sold as a set’ or “This is a set, do not separate.’

  • Allowed: units clearly labelled as a set and sealed.
  • Not allowed: separate units not sealed.

Labelling your items

label paper helps you to save time when packaging your Amazon FBA shipment.

Ensuring your items have barcodes is integral. Without labelling your items they can easily be misplaced or lost when they reach Amazon’s warehouses. It is therefore important to ensure your items are correctly labelled.

We would advise using the barcode labels rather than the manufacturer labels to avoid co-mingling.

Co-mingling refers to when different sellers’ products are grouped together. If you have the Buy Box another seller’s item could potentially be sent out by Amazon. The other seller may not keep their items in the same high condition as you. This can lead to unwanted returns.

With Amazon barcodes however co-mingling does not happen. This is because your items are processed by Amazon; It is then ensured your specific items are sent to customers.

Label printers are a handy resource but not essential when first starting out.

When printing your labels a label printer is handy as it reduces the amount of paper you use. It also makes the process of packaging quicker. However if you are just starting out using a normal printer and taping the labels on works well too.

If the individual units within your shipment have an ASIN you will need to provide a unique ASIN. For bundled sets, the barcodes on the individual units must not face outwards. This helps Amazon workers scan the barcode for the pack rather than the individual barcodes.

Here is an example of barcode labels

Do I need a polybag for my Amazon FBA shipment?

Polybags are used to protect items.

Poly-bags are used to protect units if they could potentially leak or affect other units you are sending into Amazon. This includes items which are liquids as well as scented products such as candles, incense or bully sticks for dogs. These items must be bagged to to prevent absorption of the scent into other products.

Poly bags must be transparent, completely sealed and include a suffocation warning.

  • Labelling items in a polybag: you can place the barcode labels on the product itself. Or you can place the barcode label on the polybag for the item.
  • For items which are not within a polybag: we would suggest placing your barcode labels over the product barcode. This makes it easier for Amazon’s staff members when they scan your products.

My shipment is case-packed, is the process of packaging different?

For case packed products there are different requirements to follow:

  • Case-packed products must have a matching SKU and must have been packaged together.
  • All boxes with the same product must contain equal quantities of the product in each box. The case pack limit is 150 units.
  • You must also remove or cover any scannable barcodes from the case. This is so only the units within the case have scannable barcodes.

For individual items one box can contain different products however with case-packed products all products must be matching.

Don’t forget the labels for your FBA shipment!

Once you have packaged your products you can then focus on your UPS labels. When printing your UPS labels you will print out two labels, both go inside the package.

You can download your UPS labels online.

Depending on how you have printed the labels you may need to fold or cut the paper the label is printed on so that it is the shape of the label. If you have printed the label using a label printer you will not need to do this step.

Now you can make your cardboard box and add your products. You can also use glue or staples to keep the shipment closed. It is a good idea to double check you have included the necessary barcodes and that your items are securely packaged if they are in polybags.

You can buy cardboard boxes or repurpose boxes.

It is important to double check that your shipment will not be damaged during transit when packaging your Amazon FBA shipment. You can do this by using a heavy item such as a large book to place on top of the shipment to apply pressure.

Once you have done this and your item is securely sealed it will be ready to be delivered to Amazon’s warehouse!

If you would like to check your packaging you can do so here. We hope you have found this guide useful and that when you are packaging your Amazon FBA shipment you are reminded of some of our tips.

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