Profitl’s Chrome Extension helps easily optimise Product Research

Discover how Profitl’s Chrome Extension can supercharge your FBA business. Explore the features and benefits of this powerful tool for optimising your product research and decision-making on external websites.

Optimising Your FBA Business with Profitl’s Chrome Extension

As an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller, staying ahead of the competition and making data-driven decisions is crucial for success. Profitl, a leading Amazon research tool, offers a powerful Chrome Extension that can revolutionise your product research efforts on external websites. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Profitl’s Chrome Extension can optimise your FBA business.

The Power of Profitl’s Chrome Extension

Profitl’s Chrome Extension is designed to simplify and enhance your product research process outside of Amazon’s platform. It seamlessly integrates with your browser, allowing you to analyse product listings, prices, and key metrics on various retailer websites. Here’s how it can supercharge your FBA business:

1. Instant Product Analysis

With Profitl’s Chrome Extension, you can break down a product’s profitability in real-time, a single click activates Profitl’s features. You’ll gain insights into estimated monthly sales, FBA and referral fees, VAT, break-even calculations, return on investment, and more—all at your fingertips.

2. Comparative Price Analysis

To make informed pricing decisions, you need historical data. Profitl’s Chrome Extension provides you with 90, 180, and 365-day product price graphs. These graphs allow you to compare past pricing trends and determine the most competitive and profitable price points for your products.

3. Deal Score

Profitl employs a cutting-edge algorithm to analyse your deals comprehensively. With the Chrome Extension, you’ll receive a deal score out of 100 for each product. This score is based on a multitude of data points, helping you quickly identify the most promising opportunities.

4. Seller Data

Knowing your competition is key to success. The Chrome Extension displays valuable information about the number of FBA and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) sellers for a particular product, including Amazon itself. This insight enables you to assess market saturation and competition levels.

5. Live Stock Data

Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring their inventory levels. Profitl’s Chrome Extension allows you to easily see how many units your competitors have in stock. This information can guide your inventory management and pricing strategies.

6. Variation Sales Insights

If you’re dealing with variation listings, the Chrome Extension provides data on the popularity and sales of each variation. This information helps you focus on the most lucrative options within a listing.

7. Lowest Offer Section

Competitive pricing is crucial in the Amazon marketplace. The extension shows you the current pricing of your competitors, helping you adjust your prices to stay competitive.

8. Gated Eligibility and Risk Warnings

Profitl’s Chrome Extension keeps you informed about whether you can sell a product without getting ungated. It also provides warnings related to intellectual property (IP) risks, HAZMAT status, and potential oversize fees, ensuring you’re aware of any potential obstacles.

9. Historical Data for Informed Decisions

With access to a wealth of historical data points, you can determine average prices, competition levels, and sales trends. This historical perspective is invaluable for predicting future market behavior.

10. eBay Data for Diversification

Thinking about expanding your income streams beyond Amazon? The Chrome Extension lets you check both new and used prices on eBay, allowing you to explore opportunities in this marketplace as well.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Profitl’s Chrome Extension is a game-changer for Amazon FBA sellers. It empowers you to make informed decisions, save time, and optimise your product research efforts on external websites. By harnessing the extension’s features, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Start supercharging your FBA business with Profitl’s Chrome Extension today, and watch your profits soar.

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