The 1 key tip to fly through your Amazon Verification Call

Follow our simple rules and you will easily be able to complete your Amazon Verification Call in no time at all!

So what is our number one tip?

Before you start the call make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. This includes your passport, proof of address, all of the different documents you used when creating your Amazon account.

Having all of your documents in one place will save you time and make sure you avoid any unnecessary hassle.

The 1 tip to fly through your Amazon Verification Call

Why is there a call in the first place?

Last year Amazon introduced a new method of onboarding customers.

Amazon decided to do this to reduce fraud. The verification call also ensures that the accounts made are legitimate and following Amazon’s terms and conditions.

This may sound technical, but it is great news for you. Why? It helps to reduce the number of bad sellers on Amazon.

How does the verification call work?

 Once you have signed up for your Amazon account Amazon are likely to request a live video call with you so they can verify your identity.

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A call can sound scary but do not worry. Having a verification call is an entirely normal process and we’ve not had any of our users experience any issues when it comes to the Verification call.

Amazon will then give you a list of dates and times to choose from so you can find a time which best works for you.

Next check your diary and pick a time.

The Amazon agent will then call you.They will ask you to hold up the different identification documents you used to open your Amazon account.

A call can last take 20-30 minutes however you will not be talking for very long. Most of the time on the call will be taken up by the Amazon agent finding the correct documents.

Once you have gone through the necessary documents the call will then end. You will then receive a confirmation email within a few days saying your account is ready to go!


There really is nothing to worry about. We hope this blog has answered any questions you may have about the verification call.

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